Belt Up helmets are hitting the road

Thousands of Masuri helmets will be given away to cricket clubs across Western Australia thanks to a $1million Belt Up! road safety campaign.

The Insurance Commission has launched the campaign to improve safety on our roads - and improve safety for players on the cricket field.

The Government and the Western Australian Cricket Association (WACA) are backing the campaign, which follows the introduction of a mandatory cricket helmet safety ruling that applies to community players across the country.

Masuri CEO Sam Miller said: "Cricket in the community is at the heart of our game. We are delighted to be asked to supply the safety helmets for the Belt Up! project."

WACA Men’s Head Coach Adam Voges said: "Top bowlers can bowl well in excess of the highest speed limit on roads in WA. You can imagine the forces involved."

"Unfortunately, on rare occasion, players can get hit in the head and suffer concussions."

"But the improved helmet safety standard is reducing those risks."

"It will be great to put thousands of the latest helmets into the hands of community cricketers via the Belt Up! programme."

WACA Chief Executive Christina Matthews added: "Over 200,000 people play cricket across the state. Working with the Insurance Commission will make it safer at every level of the game."