Masuri joins McDonald's and Cricket Victoria

Masuri in The Community has teamed up with McDonald’s Victoria and Cricket Victoria to provide helmets for junior players in the state.

McDonald’s will be distributing 1,000 Masuri helmets – all with the latest StemGuard neck protectors – to junior cricket clubs registered in Victoria.


Masuri Business Unit Manager Ben Puzny said: ‘We were delighted to hear from McDonald’s and go on to help them with this great idea for giving junior cricketers in Victoria better protection.

‘This plays perfectly into the work of Masuri in The Community, which is set up to provide equipment and expertise leading to greater safety for every player, and particularly young players starting out in the game.’

Cricket Victoria General Manager of Game and Market Development Rohan O’Neill said: "We’re really pleased to partner with McDonald’s and their Macca’s On Your Team programme."

‘"The focus of their program is grassroots development and participation which links perfectly with the work we do every day."

"Having access to the right protective equipment is important for our young players and this partnership will allow us to support junior cricketers and clubs even more."