StemGuard Neck Protector Impact Safety Testing

The Masuri StemGuard neck protector is the safest in the world according to the results of Impact Comparison Tests covering a range of similar products.

In its construction the StemGuard - UK Patent No GB2535639 - employs impact-modified thermoplastic urethane (TPU) honeycomb with military-grade crush foam.


The British Standard requires the 15J test – which is approximately the speed of a ball delivered by a junior bowler - to return an impact reading of


In two 15J tests, the StemGuard returned readings of

55.9g and 55.7g

making it nearly five times more effective than the standard required.

In two 15J tests, the Masuri StemGuard Lite (Junior only) returned readings of

98.4g and 86.9g

All Masuri StemGuards are fully compliant with:

British Standard BS7928:2013+A1:2019


The impact absorption tests were carried out by INSPEC International Limited, an independent organisation for the testing and certification of personal protective equipment