Masuri Cricket Helmet Impact Safety Testing

All Masuri cricket helmets are subject to impact-absorption testing to establish standards of safety in construction that provides cricketers at every level of the game with world-class levels of protection.

The helmet shell is created using the latest injection moulded polymers. The liner is made from a specific density energy-absorbing expanded polystyrene (EPS) which is extremely light and enhances a comfortable fit for the wearer.

The EPS is specifically formulated by Masuri to a density that maximises the impact absorption capabilities of every helmet. BS 7928:2013

The helmet faceguard is made of either certified titanium or certified high-grade steel.

The Internationally recognised British Standard requires the 15J test – which is approximately the speed of a ball delivered by a junior bowler - to return an impact reading of


ALL Masuri helmets return impact readings only a fraction of this requirement.

Further to this Masuri performs its own set of tests against impacts designed to mirror those from ELITE and INTERNATIONAL cricket, testing against impacts up to 4 TIMES the force required by the British Standard

All Masuri helmets are fully compliant with:

British Standard BS 7928:2013

The tests were carried out by INSPEC International Limited, a leading independent organisation for the testing and certification of personal protective equipment