Masuri supports refugees with Bat For A Chance

Masuri teamwear is being gifted to refugees, homeless people and underprivileged children thanks to a collaboration with the charity Bat For A Chance (BFAC).

BFAC has distributed clothing and kit to cricket players in Albania (pictured below), Guyana and Greece as well as refugee centres in the south-east of England.

BFAC founder Will Gaffney said: “We are incredibly grateful to Masuri for their continued support of our work."

“Masuri’s generosity in supplying these items of clothing has enabled us to kit out countless numbers of young people in need.”

Masuri CEO Sam Miller said: “We are pleased to be able to help the work Bat For A Chance is doing to aid underprivileged children and refugees.”

Bat For a Chance is dedicated to helping underprivileged children experience the joy of cricket.

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